Identity politics undermines Western culture

By Kåre Fog, biologist, ph. d., Denmark          

We see in these years an extremely biased slating of the group of people that is popularly designated “white men”. All the negative characteristics of this demographic group are emphasized again and again, whereas all the positive characteristics are ignored. This is not just a problem for me as a “white man” who feels it is extremely unjust to be the object of such accusations; it is first of all a problem for society in general. The bigoted attacks on everything related to “white men” is a threat to the whole civilization that we live in.
To substantiate my postulate that these attacks are a threat to our civilization as such, I did not want to write a short, easily readable piece of text with simplified statements. This is an explosive issue, and to avoid “explosions”, great care must be taken in precisely how things are formulated. There is no simple relationship of the type “if trend X continues, then our culture will collapse”. But there are good reasons to warn that the dominant discourse in Western society has become such that it seems that just those groups of people and those governing principles that have historically brought about Western civilization are devalued, and thereby the basis of our culture is being undermined.

Kåre Fog, March 17th 2019


Without Western Civilization there would have been no science today. One might think that if men of European descent had not produced science, some other cultures would have done so. But a closer study of what happened in other cultures shows that they failed to do so.

Western civilization also produced democracy, the judicial system, the idea of free speech etc.
All this was produced by people of European descent, mostly men. So, what men of European descent have produced within the last 500 years is unique in a historical and a global perspective. It seems that the qualities of European / Western culture are somehow connected to certain ways of thinking and a strong sense of having an independent “self”, features that are common in Western men, but not so common in other people. Strangely, however, we now see that “white men” have come to represent everything in the world that is bad and have become heavily burdened with shame. This shame prevents them from defending their self-respect.

The character assassination on white men may appear as some perversion of the public debate, made possible by such ways of thinking as cultural Marxism, feminism, postmodernism, and identity politics. But it is more than that. There are also targeted efforts to undermine Western culture, especially science, with the aim of bringing the existing form of Western culture to a collapse.

This is a grim postulate which nobody could be expected to accept out of hand. But there is evidence to support it. I have collected indications and evidence from many different sources to substantiate this grim postulate. The result is a text that necessarily has to be rather long and is therefore divided into 5 parts. If I briefly sketched my postulate in a short, easily read text, it would remain just that – a postulate. So I have written 5 parts, where each part may be interesting in itself. But to present evidence of my claim that certain groups are effectively undermining the basis of Western civilization, all 5 parts should be considered together.


Part 1: When gray tones disappear
Part 2: Science in different cultures
Part 3: When science is hampered by more feminine ways of thinking
Part 4: Origins of the movements that want to undermine Western culture
Part 5: When feminists say: “Science must fall”