“Mysis” is a publishing company and a blog site established by biologist, ph.d. Kåre Fog, Denmark.

The postings here on this site are mostly in Danish. However, in March 2019 a text in English was posted here for the first time.

The company has published four books in Danish about the relationships between the sexes.

In 2004: “To køn – tre sandheder”   (Two sexes – three truths”)
In 2003: “Alfahan eller tøffelhelt”  (Alpha male or henpicked man)
In 2015: “Humaniora – videnskab eller varm luft”  (the humanities – scientific discipline or hot air?)
In 2018: “Fire myter om patriarkatet” (Four myths about patriarchy)

Kåre Fog also administers a Danish Facebook group “Kønsdebat”